GeGe Pender Design creates elegant environments that are not only striking but are also invitingly livable. In over two decades of design expertise, GeGe has honed her ability to balance modern and traditional pieces with a client’s precious items in a way that feels timeless. She has built multiple homes from the ground up, renovated countless more and it is her impeccable taste paired with attention to detail that makes her designs stand out.

GeGe dedicates her eye for design to growing up in an iconic 1940’s Colonial home within the infamously stylish Hollywood Hills of California. After receiving her formal education from UCLA Interior & Environmental Design program, she immediately began working with high-end clientele in both the residential and hospitality sectors. GeGe has been published in Architectural Digest, Luxe Los Angeles, Richard Landry’s renowned book,  EQ Luxe, and most recently she has been listed as one of the top designers in the 2019 Luxe Gold List.

Clients work with GeGe time and time again not only because of her exquisite taste but because her professional design process focuses on clear communication and thorough planning which allows for an easeful execution fulfilling their vision beyond their expectations.